File Extensions used in QuickBooks Desktop

Hi there! We are here with another article with details of considerable file extensions used while working with QuickBooks products. At different stages, you will encounter with these terms. Hence, it’s important to know what they really stand for to get the best out of them. Read here, how many File Extensions used in QuickBooks Desktop.

QuickBooks Working Files

File Ext. File type Description
*.QBW QuickBooks Company file QBW format is associated with the Intuit QuickBooks software. It uses QBW files to store the monetary data, letters, logos, templates, and images for a company.
*.QBB QuickBooks Backup file format QBB files are the backup of QBW files that store companies financial records, letters templates, logos, and images.
*.QBM QuickBooks Portable file The compressed version of the QuickBooks company file. (*.QBM files) are archetypal for sharing because of its smaller file size.
*.QBI QuickBooks Image file The *.QBI file ‘holds’ the transactions that have been written until they are posted to your hard drive
*.QBR QuickBooks Report template When you export a template for a cram report, the QuickBooks will save the file with a .QBR extension.
*.DES Layout designer template export file QuickBooks provides a wide range of templates that you can use for your forms
*.QBO QuickBooks Online Bank Statement File This type of file contains an electronic bank statement that downloaded from a financial institution’s website.
*.INI Initialization File A configuration log file for QuickBooks.
*.LGB Little Green Box It is related to SDK log files for QuickBooks that contains encrypted information about the usernames & passwords. It is utilized when an application needs to communicate and connect with QuickBooks (like QuickBooks Point of Sale) while it is unattended or closed. The username and password stored in this file are utilized to connect with the Sybase server.
*.QWC QuickBooks Web Connector This file contains encrypted information about Third party applications integrated with QuickBooks
*.QBP QuickBooks Print file This file stores form the settings used by QuickBooks to print the form.
*.WPR.INI Windows Print file This file stores the QuickBooks printer settings

Accountant Files

*.AIF Accountant’s copy Import File It is initiated when the Accountant’s copy has exported that need to be used for importing into user’s company file
*.QBA File used for accountant’s review
*.QBA.TLG Transaction log file for the Accountant’s copy When you back up an accountant’s review copy, then QuickBooks starts a log of transactions that you’ve entered from the last time that you backed up. In case of coincidental loss of data, apprehend Technical Support may use your most recent backup in the conjunction with the transaction log file to recover your data
*.QBX Accountant’s review copy (export file) Backup made for Accountant’s copy of user’s company file. When the Accountant restores this, it is an 
*.QBY Accountant’s copy import file. One your analyst finished making changes in an Accountant’s Copy, then he or she will provide you with a QBY file to be exotic into your company file.

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